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Moss Sidell

It’s a good idea to always try to stay on top of current trends when you work in the real estate industry. Real estate investors also need to understand certain things so that they can approach investments intelligently. Take a look at the following must-read books for real estate investors. These books will give you a lot to think about and they could help to fuel future investment successes for you. 

The Book on Flipping Houses by J. Scott

If you’re a real estate investor who is actively involved in flipping houses, then this is the book for you. You will be able to learn about how to streamline the process of flipping a house. This book comes from the perspective of a professional house flipper who has a successful system in place. Recognizing the methods used in this book could help you to become a more efficient house flipper yourself. 

The Book on Rental Property Investing by Brandon Turner

Investing in rental properties is a great way to create a steady stream of income for yourself. This book goes into great detail and explains everything that you need to know about the process of investing in rental properties. If you use this book as a guide, then you’ll have a simpler time becoming a successful rental property owner. You can look at this book as a perfect resource for beginners to the world of rental property investment. 

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

You’ll find this book to be incredibly useful if you’re trying to build up your personal wealth. This book is all about building up your wealth by investing in certain assets. It isn’t entirely about real estate investment, but a large chunk of the book covers real estate investment since those are some of the best assets to have in your investment portfolio. If you want general financial advice, then this is a book that you should put on your reading list promptly. 

Mastering the Art of Commercial Real Estate by Doug Marshall 

Understand that investing in commercial real estate is quite different from other types of real estate investment. If you invest in this type of real estate, then there are many intricacies that you will need to know. Learning about the basics of commercial real estate investment will help you make smart choices at the start. If you use this book properly, then you should be able to maximize your profits from commercial real estate investments. 

The Intelligent REIT Investor by Stephanie Krewson-Kelly and R. Brad Thomas

Of course, getting advice will also prove to be important for REIT investors. REIT investment is a path that works excellently for those who don’t have a lot of time to handle the little details. You can use this book to help you navigate your initial forays into REIT investment. It’s well-written and very easy to understand, so it makes a perfect resource for those who are just getting started.