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Home security is one of the top priorities for a homeowner. Unfortunately, there are individuals in the community that would like nothing better than to break into a home and steal jewelry, cash and anything else that’s of value. Most homeowners will make sure that their residence is locked and kept secure when they are not home. However, they may make the mistake of inadvertently letting criminals know when they are going to be away from their home. This provides the perfect opportunity for a home break-in to occur.

Social Media Safety

While social media is excellent for providing open communication between friends and relatives, it does have a side that can be exploited. Most individuals use social media sites like Facebook to let everyone know what’s happening in their lives. That’s okay if it is about awards that their kids have received or pictures from a Thanksgiving that was spent at grandma’s house. Where it gets too personal and possibly dangerous is when they let everyone know where they’ll be going on vacation and when. This is a clear announcement to anyone who is monitoring their account as to when they won’t be home. It provides a perfect time for a criminal to pounce.

Everyone Is Susceptible

No one is immune to having a break-in occur if a criminal knows when they’ll be away from their home. Some Los Angeles celebrities had to learn this the hard way. Athletes Robert Woods, Yasiel Puig, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and singers Christina Milian and Rihanna were targeted by a gang of 18 to 25-year-olds who decided to go on a crime spree and rob these celebrities’ homes. Luckily, they were caught. They had stolen cash, jewelry, watches and luxury handbags as well as championship rings from Puig. The criminals had monitored the public travel plans related to these victims, which allowed the gang members to know when the coast was clear for their malicious plans.

Protection And Security

These crimes are a reminder that some types of information should be kept private and not shared on social media. It’s also a reminder to have top-notch security. A few ways to do this include advertising your security by putting up signs and placing cameras in overt places. It also helps to make sure that everyone who lives in the home is up to speed with the settings and permissions that should be used on a daily basis. When these type of precautions are made, it should help make sure that crime doesn’t occur.