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Curb Appeal

A home is everyone’s biggest investment. Potential buyers are drawn in by how a home looks from the street more than any other factor. Fortunately, it doesn’t take expensive designers and landscapers to create great curb appeal. Use the following tricks to magically transform a home to its fullest market potential.

Enhance the Landscaping

Even if the landscaping is a little lacking, homeowners can create an illusion of foliage by adding container gardens in the front. Choose containers to compliment or contrast aesthetically with the home’s exterior. Larger containers can even be used for dwarf trees and shrubs. Evergreens will look nice all year, and blooming plants will add a splash of color in the growing season.

Refresh the Exterior

A fresh exterior is a must for maintaining a home, especially if it will be put on the market soon. Refresh the paint, siding, and trim. Touch up the existing colors or go with a new color for a different look. This is the most important home improvement and the one that will make the most dramatic difference.

Add Lighting

Bring out the best in a home’s existing landscaping with landscape lighting. This simple step will have a lot of impact. Illuminate the walkway, highlight trees, or add strategic lighting to spotlight the entire house. Landscape lighting can either be hardwired or added with battery-powered or solar-powered lights. Consider security lighting for both curb appeal and practicality. Floodlights or spotlights at key locations will add security and attract buyers.

Spruce Up the Entryway

A home’s entryway is essential to curb appeal since potential buyers spend time here first. If the door and other features are in disrepair, home shoppers may assume the rest of the house is also. Take time to repair and paint the front door or replace

it if necessary. Consider adding a door wreath, potted plants, or a small attractive table to the entryway.

Mailbox Makeover

A mailbox in poor condition is more noticeable to potential buyers than homeowners. They are inexpensive to replace and are available in many creative and attractive designs at home centers like Lowe’s or Home Depot. Plant vibrant flowers around mailboxes near the street.

Install Window Boxes

Many residential designs can be complemented with the addition of window boxes. They can look quite charming when painted to harmonize with the house. Fill them with seasonal flowers on a rotating basis.