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Security comes in many different protection levels when it’s combined with real estate. For most homes, this is going to include security cameras and access to the system via a smartphone. When high-end security is used for a home, it’s much more sophisticated and will address such threats as flash photography, home intruders or even chemical attacks.

Biometric Keypad Access

The security for most homes will usually just include a traditional lock and key. In some cases, this might be upgraded to a lock that allows access via a keypad. An owner has to punch in a four digit number, which will allow them to enter the premises. Homes with high-level security are a step above these traditional methods. Biometric locks are now being used in homes that require the best level of security. This type of lock will require physical authentication from a person. It might be from their fingerprints, hand, face or voice.

Safe Rooms

Another high-level security measure that some homeowners are choosing is to build a safe room in a certain area of their house. This is a fortified room, which allows individuals to hide from intruders if a home invasion ever occurs. A safe room will usually have some type of way that the individuals inside can communicate with law enforcement officials. Along with a safe room, a luxury real estate owner may also have blast-resistant walls and floors in specific areas of their home.

Security Cameras And Anti-Photography

Cameras that have video recording capability and long-term storage will often be used in homes that have high-level security. This ensures that areas such as wine rooms will be protected. Celebrities who have paparazzi following them around will even go to the extreme measures of using anti-flash photography technology. If a paparazzi attempts to take a picture of a celebrity who has this type of security, the flash on their cameras won’t function properly.

Other Security Measures

Some individuals who want high-level security will choose to use license plate recognition for guests who need to pass through a security gate. In addition, man radars are also used, which detect unauthorized individuals who are trespassing on private property. In some homes with high-level security, valuable artwork is being protected by utilizing security laser curtains. An alarm will trigger if anyone gets too close to the artwork.