About Moss Sidell

DSCN0206Moss Sidell, of Sidell Law Offices, is a real estate attorney focused on assisting clients in real estate matters. His clients vary from large corporations like Wal-Mart, to smaller family owned businesses who need counsel in real estate acquisition, foreclosures, financing, land use and landlord-tenant practices. In the last five years, Moss has been working with hundreds of families in resolving mortgage issues. Moss gets a real satisfaction when helping people in need, which is why his office is focused on providing great quality legal services for prices people can afford. 

Besides his career accomplishments, Moss enjoys playing golf and taking photographs. Moss’ love for golf began when he was six years old, and it has since become a game that provides tremendous mental challenge and a high amount of concentration. He has been lucky to marshall several tournaments, such as the US Open, Westchester Classic and the Honda Classic. Moss believes that there is no other sport where you are as close to the players, which makes you think of your own game and assimilate your style to that of the player.

Moss Sidell was born to a family of artists and creativity has always been a part of his life. Early in his college career, he began taking photographs and its become a big passion of his. While living in Boston in his early 20s, Moss joined the Boston Camera Club and found it to be a great way to express his artistic abilities. Traveling is also a great opportunity for Moss to take photos and expand on his skills – he always has a camera on him ready to capture moments and beautiful scenery whenever he can. 

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